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If You See This Symptoms During Pregnancy You'll Have A Baby Girl | Accurate Symptom of Baby Girl!

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The only way you can absolutely be sure of the gender of your child is through an ultrasound scan.

However, finding the sex of the child through ultrasound is illegal in India, and rightly so, looking at the statistics of female infanticide.

But, did you know that there are many “non scientific” ways to guess your baby’s gender?

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This is how your grandma or an older aunt predict your child’s gender by your look, or by your behaviour.

In this video, we shall show you the various signs to look out for when pregnant with a baby girl.

1. You Sleep On The Right

For a healthy pregnancy, your doctor might advise you to sleep on your side, especially the left one.

If you tend to sleep on your right more, or if you are more comfortable when you are lying on your right side, then get ready to paint the room pink!

2. You Are Carrying High

Your tummy’s position is apparently a big give away!

This is how most ladies from older generation predict gender after having one fleeting look at you.

If you are carrying high, that means if you are heavier on the top portion of your tummy, then the chances are you are having a girl.

3. Your Baby Has A Faster Heart Rate

The average heart rate for a baby in the womb is 140 heartbeats per minute.

If your child’s heart rate is higher than 140, then you might be having a girl!

So next time you go for an ultrasound scan, you know what to watch out for.

4. You Are Moody

All pregnancies come with mood swings, no doubt.

However, did you know that your “prominent mood” might be indicative of your baby’s gender?

If you feel depressed or irritable most times, then it might be a girl on the way.

On the other hand, if you feel aggressive and bold, it might be a boy.

5. Your Skin Glows

The pregnancy glow usually signs you are pregnant with a girl.

The glow is due to the increased production of estrogen in the body.

On the contrary, dull, acne-prone skin will indicate a baby boy.

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